Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll -                     
Caramel Pecan Roll
The Flakiest Ever Two-Crust Pies -
Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Blueberry,Strawberry Rhubarb,     
A La Mode - Add 1.00                                           
More "Addictives" - Our Cream Pies - Banana, Chocolate, Coconut -
More Cravings Yet - Southern Pecan Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Buttermilk Pie -
Other Dessert Selections
Shrimp Cocktail -
Crab Cakes -                                                  Coconut Shrimp -
Quesadilla -                                                     Onion Rings -     
With Chicken or Beef -                                   Hot Wings -
Fried Calamari -                                              
Stuffed Potato Skins -
Guacamole and Chips -
Billy's Famous "Top Hat" Pastries
Bacon -
Ham or Canadian Bacon -
Link or Country Sausage -
Turkey Patty -
Hamburger Patty (1/3 lb.) -
Corned Beef Hash -
Cold Breast of Chicken -
Cold Sliced Roast Beef -
Small Green Salad -
Potato Salad - (1 scoop) -
aw - (1 scoop) -
Garlic Toast -
A La Carte Selections
Fresh Strawberry Pie -
Fresh Strawberries in our wn special glaze, on a crisp (Would
you believe it!) Crust. Only available in Season.
Chocolate Fudge Cake -
A triple treat for the "Chocoholic," Chocolate cake, dark chocolate
pudding and fudge frosting made with sour cream.
German Chocolate Cake -
Milk chocolate layers with coconut and pecan frosting
and filling.
Fresh Peach Pie -
Available all summer long and talked about and asked for the
other three seasons.  Again, we developed a special glaze.  We
serve this pie golden and glorious on a crisp crust, topped with
whipped cream and a sprinkling of nutmeg..
Strawberry Cake-
Layers and layers and layers of white cake with fresh
strawberries, glaze, vanilla cream pudding and whipped cream.  
Decorated with lovely luscious fresh red berries..
Carrot Cake -
A moist, spicy cake with  pineapple and black walnuts.  Cream
cheese icing trimmed with black walnuts.  A long time favorite.
Coconut "n" Pineapple Cake -   
A yellow cake filled with apricot preserves, pineapple and vanilla pudding, and then frosted with old-fashioned boiled icing covered
with coconut.  Just like the cake grandmother made for Sunday dinner when all the relatives came.   
Rum Cake
Layers of yallow cake, rum soaked, filled with vanilla pudding, and foasted with whipped cream icing, studded with slivered toasted
almonds and drizzled with chocolate.
Cheesecake -                                                                         Strawberry Cheesecake -
Yummy and moist with a special graham-cracker and nut crust.                      You will forget New York's when you try this.   
Boston Cream Pie -
As you know, this isn't a pie at all.  And our version is more than a Boston everthought of being.  It's really Metropolitan.  A layer of
white cake with vanilla cream pudding and whipped cream, iced with butter cream and chocolate shavings.  Then it is served with a
ladle of hot fudge sauce over the top.  Wow, it's worth coming all the way from Boston for.
Hot Fudge Special -                                                              Fresh Fruit Special -
Made with white cake and vanilla ice cream, covered with hot fudge sauce or strawberries or fresh peaches when in season.
Hot Fudge or Fresh Strawberry Sundae -
Vanilla, Cappuccino Ice Cream
Old Fashioned Egg Custard Cup or Tapioca  
Whole Pie to Take Out -
Boston Cream Pie -
Whole Cakes to Take Out -
Tuna Salad - (1 scoop) -
Chicken Salad - (1 scoop)-
Hashed Brown Potatoes -
Home Fried Potatoes -
French Fries -
Onion Rings -
Baked/Mashed Pota
to -
Fresh Vegetables -
Sauteed Mushrooms -
Guacamole -
s (in season) -
Fresh Fruit Dish -
Sliced Tomatoes (4 slice) -
1/2 Avocado -
Potato Chips -
Corn Bread -
Date Nut Loaf -
Egg or Egg White
Cottage Cheese - (1 scoop) -
Guacamole -
English Muffin -
Toast(s) -
Bagel - -
Corn Tortillas(3)